Urban Zen

For Women Entrepreneurs

Do you love the work you do, but are challenged by the relationships and negotiations required before you can deliver the service you do best? Have you lost your cool or shut down, frustrated by situations that are outside of your comfort zone? Do you feel insecure asking for what you want for fear you’ll lose business?

Do you have trouble knowing when to let a difficult client go or if it’s better to work to transform the relationship? Establishing satisfying, collaborative relationships with clients is the toughest part of doing business. I help women entrepreneurs and indie professionals who are determined to enjoy the work they love and be profitable, despite the background noise of abrasive personalities, gender bias, racism, drama queens, and control freaks. The list goes on….

Rise above the noise, with the transformative practice of Urban Zen.

Urban Zen is a strategy I developed to address the unique journey of being a woman entrepreneur. My 90-Day, coaching intensive will teach you how to:

  • Align your words with your beliefs and intentions
  • Communicate with ease, from a place of confidence and power
  • Learn to negotiate your most difficult client relationship challenges
  • Shed unwanted drama
  • Attract and cultivate a business and the type of clients you enjoy.

Happiness requires courageous action. If you are ready to make the changes necessary for success and satisfaction, contact me to apply for a Complimentary Discovery Session. This 30-minute consultation is an opportunity for me to learn about you and the nature of your current business challenges and see if you are ready for practice of Urban Zen.

I have a limited number of openings for this program. Contact me for more information, and include “Urban Zen” in the subject line.