EmPower Your Voice

Several years ago, I unearthed an old journal. As I browsed through its contents, I realized that I had the same problems and the same unreached goals. Nothing had changed. Each year, I voiced my plan for action, then allowed myself to be distracted by crises that held me in ‘hustle-mode.’ And when the crisis was done, I was right back where I started.

It was a wake-up call. My voice had no power because I did not have the belief system, confidence, focus, and intentional strategy to back it up.

The hard truth was clear, I had to be different if I wanted my circumstances to change. I had to acknowledge and face my fears, to believe in outcomes I could not see, and be bold enough to do things I had once convinced myself were impossible.

I pulled back to cocoon, cleanse my communication, and release everything and everyone that did not align with my intentions and the life I want. As a result, I discovered my integrity and the power of my voice. I learned to be unapologetically me, and to create meaningful ways to share my greatest gifts. I did the work….And I still do. It’s a daily practice, a way of being, growing, expanding, and rising.

We communicate what we believe through our words and actions – and the Universe responds in kind. My mission is to guide you through a process to empower your voice, and realign your life with your vision for success.

Women come to me to:

  • communicate with intention and power
  • build self-confidence
  • speak with no regrets
  • establish healthy boundaries
  • neutralize passive-aggressive or abusive personalities
  • manage ‘clients-behaving-badly’
  • rise above gender and race politics
  • navigate power struggles
  • know when a relationship needs to end
  • say ‘No’ without fear or guilt
  • attract healthy relationships
  • create a more satisfying work-life balance
  • and much more……

Change requires courage and conviction. I  work with women who are passionate and ready to release old mind-sets and embrace a new way of being that will open your life and your business to the satisfaction you’ve always desired.

It’s time to RISE!

Visit the Coaching Portal for more information, and to apply for a complimentary Discovery Session.


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