The Series

Speak truth to power in our new EveTalks Series. 

The ‘call for TALKS’ for our 2018 LOS ANGELES premiere is closed. evetalks accepts queries from around the world on a rolling basis – for upcoming shows. 

We invite women with a personal journey to share, that educates, uplifts and informs the audience on experiences that have been silenced, overlooked. or misrepresented. For consideration, complete the ‘Letter of Inquiry’ form, provided at the bottom of the page.

EveTalks  is a global platform for women of the African Diaspora and indigenous cultures with unique voices and compelling, stories and lessons they want to pass on.

EveTalks will roll out in cities around the world. The premiere will be filmed in Los Angeles, CA  – with dates TBA.

When EveTalks she owns her experience. Stories are told through the lens of her unique, personal journey. Even when addressing a larger issue, the impetus is through the lens of her story, perspective, and experience.

EveTalks leaves the audience feeling liberated, enlightened, and inspired. Stories must be from underrepresented intersections that are rarely explored, and have an empowering approach, focused on benefits, solutions,  new ideas, and/or untold stories.

EveTalks’ is an Eve’s Lime production, in partnership with InkSpot Entertainment.