Meditations On Grace

As you may have surmised EVE is not a millennial. She certainly is not a Generation X-er. EVE is a woman of age, a woman of wisdom and experience. She is balance and calm, creative brilliance, intuition, enlightenment. EVE does not ‘rock’. She does not have #BlackGirlMagic. EVE IS. . . the essence of woman. She is the progenitor of all things magic. She is natural, authentic. EVE is the vessel of history, the root. She is the embodiment of power – and yes, grace.

Grace: that undefinable swagger all women crave – and most often have little to no idea how to manifest. We know it when we see it. Lena Horne had it. Michelle Obama has it. And it’s not just because of her words , “When they go low. We go high.” It’s a matter of her carriage. Grace has a physicality. Some of us get it from ballet – or an insistent mother running her finger up our spine as a reminder to stand up straight, to hold our heads high.  Their intention had more to do with a desire for us to be comfortable in our own bodies, regal and proud, than it ever was about back health.

Grace has been lost in a cloud of ‘mean girl TV’ masquerading as womanhood – brute negativity, violence, finger-snapping and neck-rolling, uplifted as power and marginalized as culture. Grace is palpable when we fully embody it. It oozes and fills the room. It’s grounding and unnerving, all at the same time.

Lena Horne

Grace is an ‘effect,’ not a ’cause.’ It’s a quality that emerges when you are able to extract the sweetness from life’s lessons. It is a state of being that cannot be abused, demeaned or ruffled by pettiness. It is a profound knowledge and respect of the Self.

Don’t get me wrong, Grace is not some great perfection. In fact, a woman of Grace is not perfect – nor does she strive to anyone’s ideal. She knows the only perfection is to fully and completely be her Self – unapologetically so. She owes no one her beauty or her smile. She is the original – with her own unique gifts to give.

pictured (top) in red, Carmen de Lavallade

Sheila Dianne Jackson is an award-winning Author/Writer, Producer and CEO of Eve’s Lime Productions

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